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Why Choose Short Term Medical Insurance?


  1. Our short term medical plan utilizes a reference-based pricing model has a NO balance bill guarantee.
  2. Favorable rates for age 55 plus. This age group represents 22% of our submitted applications.
  3. College and high school athletes are covered and welcomed.
  4. Child(ren) only policies. Children are eligible to be a primary insured at age 6 months.
  5. Coverage extended to age 64 years and 11 months. You can purchase up to 2 years coverage, go to screen to purchase after plan selection.
  6. Erased underwriting restrictions. Some of our underwriting questions have been updated.
  7. Easy enrollment – brokers or insured’s are allowed to complete applications with no verification
  8. With Pivot Health, we can offer less restrictive, no doctor network plans AND a PPO plan option with access to First Health PPO Network.

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No health insurance? No problem. Apply for affordable short term health insurance in minutes, and in most cases, get instant approval. Plans can last from 30 days to 364 days depending on your state, so you are never left without coverage. It’s health insurance on your terms.

Flexible Coverage

Never worry about only seeing a doctor in-network. With short term insurance, see any doctor you want. There are no restrictions on which physician, urgent care center or hospital you use. It’s your choice.

Extra Benefits Included

Pivot Health short term medical includes membership benefits that include low cost video consultations with board certified doctors that can diagnose and provide prescriptions in minutes, plus discount vision services and a discount prescription drug card.

Get coverage for up to 2 years

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