NationalCare Dental Insurance

NationalCare Dental  – has 3 different plans available to you, 1- Basic, 2-Intermediate & 3-Plus. Each Plan provides a different level of protection and coverage. We can also insure a child only under this plan. If you purchase with a Health Plan, there is a 40% savings! There is also a 10% Discount for Insured & Spouse! You may pay your monthly premiums by EFT,  Check-O-Matic by the month, Quarter, Semi Annual & Annual or by Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard).

Benefits may be paid direct to you or assigned to the Dentist. There are full preventative benefits with no waiting period except major items with a 6 month wait.  You may visit any Dentist, No Network Restrictions. Major Services are only covered under Level 3. Please see links below for more details on a Brochure & Application with Premiums. There is a 50% Payment for Major Dental Expenses paid within the 1st 12 months, and a 6 month waiting period. Please research and find a Network Approved Dentist for Assurant with even more discounts!

Level 1 – $500.00 a Year Year
Level 2 – $1,000 Benefit a Year
Level 3 – $1,500 Benefit a Year

1 Enrollment Dental Plan

Call @ 404-981-5717 or 229-416-7030
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Enrollment Portals:

NCD Nationwide products are currently on a separate platform than NCD by MetLife products.

These links are all you need to provide to get a client enrolled with NCD Nationwide, or NCD by MetLife. These links are also suitable for websites or social media.  VSP Preferred products are available on all enrollment portals.

NCD Nationwide:

NCD by MetLife: (enrollment will begin by inputting the client’s zip code)

For questions or assistance please contact agentsupport@ihipins.comThank you again for choosing NCD! Your Agent Support Team
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eFax: (979) 337-8240

Robin Chancellor

NCD Agent Support

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Get cash to help pay for dental checkups and treatments.

Regular dental care can mean more than a brighter smile — it could also mean better overall
health. Asusrant Health dental insurance pays cash benefits when you or your family members
have dental checkups and treatment — making it easier to keep up with regular visits to the
dentist and lead a healthier life.

Dental Insurance
  • Cash benefits help pay for checkups and treatment
  • Visit any dentist — no network restrictions or deductibles
  • No waiting period for checkups — get a set cash amount for a visit every six months

Is this plan right for me?

  • Simple benefit levels help you meet your needs and budget
  • Choice of having benefits paid right to you or allowing your dentist to submit the claim and receive the payment
  • Plans available to you, your spouse and/or your dependent children1
  • Renewable up to age 702
  • Easy to apply — just a few medical questions

Options to meet your needs and budget

Three benefit levels are available.  The differences are the services covered and the benefit amount paid for each.  You receive a set cash amount for each covered service.  Amounts like these:

Sample Dental Benefits

Benefit Information and Claim Activity at Your Fingertips

  • Save time and money
  • Get the information you need – 24/7
  • Simplify your administrative process

Get Instant Access to:

  • Patient eligibility
  • Benefit information
  • Precertification requirements
  • Claims tracking – from initial submission to final resolution
  • Detailed EOB and remittance information
  • Payment details