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Our preferred Dental Plan is offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia. Blue Cross offeres a PPO Dental Plan for individuals and families with Benefits up to ,000 per person per year. The Plan Provides 100% coverage for preventative visits, 80% coverage for Fillings, and 50% coverage for Major Dental work. This plan has No waiting period for preventative, but has a 6 month wait for fillings, and a 12 month wait for Major Dental work. Use this Plan if you to an approved BCBS Dentist for the PPO Discount!

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Dental & Vision Plan for Seniors Age 65+


BCBS – Short Form Dental Summary & Vision Plan Brochure
BCBS Georgia Extras Program
Georgia Extras Standard or Premium Package Application includes Vision Outline

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90% of all systemic diseases produce signs and symptoms2 in the mouth. So it’s very important for your clients to have dental benefits. Our Extras Packages provide:

  • Coverage for diagnostic and preventive care (more benefits available, depending on the package)
  • Access to more than 65,000 dentist and specialist locations across the country
  • The freedom to see any dentist they choose, and enjoy extra savings when they visit participating dentists
  • Access to emergency dental care while traveling nearly anywhere in the world

What’s more, if your client only needs dental coverage, you can offer the dental plan of the Premium Plus Package on a stand-alone basis.

Regular eye exams can offer early detection for major health conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. That could mean lower health care costs and, most importantly, healthier clients! Vision coverage through our Extras Packages provides for:

  • Eye exams, as well as allowances for frames, lenses, contact lenses and more
  • Access to more than 33,000 eye doctors at over 26,000 locations
  • Additional savings of 15%-40% for non-covered materials such as extra pairs of eyewear


  • Travel Assistance offers help if your client has an emergency medical situation, loses or exhausts prescription medication, or misplaces eyeglasses while traveling abroad.
  • Member Assistance Program provides access to licensed counselors, care managers, attorneys and financial advisors.

Age 65 Plus + Benefits At-A-Glance
The certificate includes all terms and conditions, including any applicable waiting periods, exclusions and limitations.


Dental Standard
Premium Plus
Premium Plus
Dental Only
Network Dental Blue 200 Dental Blue 200 Dental Blue 200 Dental Blue 200
Annual maximum $500 $1,000 $1,250 $1,250
Deductible No deductible $50 $50 $50
Diagnostic & preventive services 100%3 100%3 100%3 100%3
Minor restorative services (fillings) Not covered 80% 80% 80%
Periodontal services Not covered 50% 50% 50%
Endodontics & oral surgery Not covered 50% 50% 50%
Prosthodontics (crowns, dentures, bridges) Not covered Not covered 50% 50%
Network Blue View Vision Blue View Vision Blue View
Exam (once every 12 months) $20 copay $20 copay $10 copay
Frames (once every 24 months) $100 allowance $100 allowance $130 allowance
Eyeglass lenses (once every 24 months) $20 copay $20 copay $10 copay
Contact lenses $80 allowance $80 allowance $80 allowance
Additional Programs
Travel Assistance Not available Not available Included
Member Assistance Not available Included Included
Monthly Premium $17 $30 $43 $34

1 Rate shown applies to the Standard Package

2 Academy of General Dentistry in California Broker Magazine, 09/07 (page 66)

3 100% covered when using a participating dentist. Limited to 2 routine cleanings (including periodontal maintenance), 2 exams and 1 set of bitewing X-rays per year. Complete X-ray series once every 5 years.

Travel Assistance is provided by HTH Worldwide. HTH Worldwide is an independent company not affiliated with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia, Inc. is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield names and symbols are registered marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Georgia – New! Dental Prime Dental Plan


Dental Prime is New and helping you take care of your Dental Health! You may Select Plan’s A, B, or C
Please see brochure and application below. New Prime Plans start at $24.55 a month for A, $36.20 for B
& $44.90 for Plan C. This Plan is the newer updated BCBS Plan which will pay In Network or Out of Network.
You will always get additional savings at a BCBS Network Provider. Benefits are up to $1,250.00 a year under this new plan.

  Dental Prime Brochure with Premiums

  Dental Prime Application

  Blue Cross Dental Bank Draft Form