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Mutual of Omaha offers a competitive Medicare Supplement Plan based on Current Age and area. They will discount the premium by $2.00 each month if you pay your premiums by Bank Draft, and then if your Spouse or Live In is a senior, they will reduce the plans cost by an additional 12%. We recommend Plan F as the broadest Plan offered followed by Plan G the most affordable, These Plans offer 100% Excess coverage for Doctors and Specialists! Plan F is designed to offer the broadest Protection with little cost out of your pocket, but Plan G has the lowest cost, with you paying the annual $167 Doctors Deductible per year. Please contact George E Daniel Jr for more information Agt 0284770. See below forms for more information on Applying for your coverage!  Call me @ 404-981-5717 or 229-416-7030 George E Daniel Jr Office 229-246-3342


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