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Mutual of Omaha offers a competitive Medicare Supplement Plan based on Current Age and area. They will discount the premium by .00 each month if you pay your premiums by Bank Draft, and then if your Spouse or Live In is a senior, they will reduce the plans cost by an additional 12%. We recommend Plan F as the broadest Plan offered followed by Plan G the most affordable, These Plans offer 100% Excess coverage for Doctors and Specialists! Plan F is designed to offer the broadest Protection with little cost out of your pocket, but Plan G has the lowest cost, with you paying the annual 7 Doctors Deductible per year. Please contact George E Daniel Jr for more information Agt 0284770. See below forms for more information on Applying for your coverage!  Call me @ 404-981-5717 or 229-416-7030 George E Daniel Jr Office 229-246-3342


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