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Being healthy has its rewards

Steps in the right direction

From choosing the stairs over the escalator to snacking on carrots instead of chips, little decisions can make a big difference to your overall health. And with HumanaVitality®, you can collect points for everyday healthy behaviors — and earn great rewards along the way.

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HumanaVitality encourages healthy behavior

Healthy results mean healthy rewards

Sometimes all you need is that little extra incentive. HumanaVitality gives you more ways to get results and helps keep you motivated with tips, tools, videos, activities, and coaching. Plus, the even bigger reward of how taking control of your health can actually help lower healthcare costs.

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Exercising yields positive health benefits

See results every day

A key part of HumanaVitality is your Personal Pathway™. Customized with personalized goals and recommended activities, you can track your progress online and see how your rewards begin to add up.

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Having a healthy lunch at work

Pharmacy mobile app

RightSource User?

If you are a RightSource user, you can have your prescriptions mailed right to your home with the touch of a button when you use the RightSource mobile app!

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