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Team Lead, Agent Support
LifeSecure Insurance Company
10559 Citation Drive, Suite 300, Brighton, MI 4811

Agent Support   p 866.582.7701   f 810.220.4693
Agent Licensing   p 866.582.7701   f 810.220.4693
Commissions   p 866.582.7701
Underwriting Pre-qualification   p 866.582.7705
Underwriting   p 888.575.8249 
Policyholder Support   p 888.575.8246   f 877.226.0925
List-bills   p 810.220.4697

Click Here for LifeSecure Single Page Ancillary Insurance Product Overview Flyer – Single Page Flyer. Ancillary Products Overview.

Click Here for LifeSecure Product Overviews & Rate Sheets – All Inclusive LINK to Product Portfolio. Each product link will include a Product Brochure (Consumer Brochure), Plan-at-a-Glance flyer and Sample Monthly Premium Rates.
The Consumer Brochure speaks in layman terms about how the policy works.
The Plan-at-a-Glance flyer is a great reference tool for YOU. It will provide you with policy details in a condensed format. THIS is my favorite document!
The Sample Monthly Premium Rate sheets are nice to have on-hand to get the initial conversation started about the cost to mitigate your client’s out of pocket expenses when care is needed.

LifeSecure Contacts:
LifeSecure Agent Support Department, 866-582-7701 option 1 option 1,, or through LiveChat Services in your Agent Portal. Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm ET.
Your dedicated Regional Sales Consultant, Carol DeLucia, 810-623-5742,, is an excellent resource for webinars, presentations, selling tips, and many other sales-related topics.
Your Worksite Sales Team, Cori Mooberry 810-623-1878 & Sue Root 810-220-4655, for worksite and LTC assistance.
Click Here for Company Directory

Below is the LINK to LifeSecure’s training portal. The training portal mirrors your personal agent portal where you submit all your business, but allows you the freedom to practice submitting applications and review the different application signature methods available, without transmitting anything to our Underwriting department. You can also download material from the PDF Library under the Resources tab, run proposals, and look around in the Group Tools section of the training portal.
~Note, this training portal is open to all appointed agents, so when practicing application submission please do not use your client’s real information in the Training Portal.

Click Here to Access Training Portal (save this webpage as a favorite)
Hover over the Secure Login in the upper right corner
Click on the Agents/Agencies link
Use the Login Credentials below to login to the training environment portal, which will look like your personal agent portal
A reminder of how you can tell if you are in your training environment portal versus your personal agent portal:
The top left hand side of the page will have the word TRAINING under LifeSecure’s name
the web address of the training environment portal starts with (the real agent portal does not have the mo. in front of the web address)


Underwriting Pre-qualification:

To Schedule a Phone Health Interview: 888-575-8249 [Select Option 1]

Questions or Changes to Existing Policies: 888-575-8246 [Select Option 2] or email

Voice Authorization Signatures: 866-582-7703

Agent Support Care Line: 866-582-7701

You can also download a copy of our Company Directory for Distribution Partners & Agents with a full list of contacts and numbers.

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